1GSA membership benefits:

  • Strong, credible branding that enhances your company image
  • highly-professional PR, advertising and other marketing activity that keeps you constantly in the view of your target carriers
  • stands at major trade shows that enable you to meet and influence potential customers, and the industry’s media
  • every member is a sales agent for you, helping reduce travel and hotac costs
  • every sale you make will mean additional revenue
  • you’ll share news, contacts, problems and solutions daily with fellow members
  • you’ll get referrals and introductions from your fellow members
  • My1GSA will give you 24/7 access to sales records, contacts and useful templates

Join the 1GSA family now! 

1GSA believes that independent GSSAs like you provide better service and productivity for airlines. We also believe independent GSSAs like you deserve greater business success, and better financial rewards, for all your hard work.

If you agree, then 1GSA is for you. Territories are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so apply today: just download and complete the membership  application form

With 1GSA, you can stay independent . . . but you’ll never again be alone.

1GSA: the power of many.