You’re independent . . . . but you’re not alone

1GSA is a new and growing network of independent GSAs just like you: people who like running their own businesses, but are finding it increasingly difficult. We level the playing field, by enabling you to compete more effectively with the major multi-national GSAs.

1GSA is run by highly-experienced executives from the air cargo GSA, marketing and IT sectors. We’ve pooled our expertise and resources to provide independent GSAs like you with an alternative to struggling on alone, or selling out to the big groups.

Like every new 1GSA member, you’ll be fully vetted to ensure your company is reputable, financially stable and upholds the highest standards of conduct. So, as the appointed member of 1GSA in your area, you’ll be in the best of company.

You’ll represent the entire 1GSA network to your locally-based carriers, and you’ll be rewarded financially for all new business you introduce to other members. You cover an exclusive territory – so any airline contract won in your area automatically goes direct to you.

If an airline wants to appoint two or more 1GSA members under a single contract, 1GSA can act as the principal, and sub-contract the business to individual members.

1GSA holds at least one networking event every year for members, where you can trade leads and market intelligence, share ideas, discuss problems and find solutions. These events are held in the same location as a major industry event such as Air Cargo Europe – so you can save time and money by making the 1GSA meeting part of your trip itinerary.

Between meetings, our member intranet – My1GSA – will enable you to share news, views and problems with other members, and monitor all sales contact with your carrier prospects. You can also identify members who can introduce you to your target carriers.

As a member of 1GSA, you’ll have constant, free access to our professional PR and marketing resources to spread your news globally. You’ll also share the 1GSA stand at major trade events, you’ll be listed on our website, and your details will be included in our advertising.

In addition, we’ll provide you with business cards, and professional brochure and sales letter templates to adapt for your own sales efforts. In short, you’ll have all the marketing firepower of the major multinational GSAs – and the cost is all included in your affordable annual membership fee.