What is 1GSA?

1GSA is a new and growing network of proudly-independent GSSA companies. Working closely together, we provide highly-effective coverage of a growing number of countries around the world.

Why is 1GSA better for airlines like you?

1GSA members are rigorously-vetted, financially stable, recommended by carriers and bound by a strict code of conduct. If they don’t meet our high standards, they can’t join our network.

Our members are all highly-experienced local operators, with unrivalled market knowledge and established customer bases ready to start feeding cargo to you. They like being independent, and they work hard to maintain their independence.

And, because our members own and run their own businesses, they have a vested personal interest in your success – because it’s their success, too. That means they work harder, and help you to find new ways to increase market share and yields.

And – unlike the major multi-national groups - 1GSA members won’t represent conflicting carriers: so you’ll always be sure of their undivided loyalty and best attention at all times.

You can appoint any or all of our 1GSA members; and you can deal with them separately, or manage them through a single contract and a single point of contact. The choice is yours.

If you’re tired of second best treatment, divided loyalties and lack of choice, it’s time to talk to 1GSA. Contact us now to discuss your specific needs.

All you need is . . . . 1GSA!